Jack Who?

Nuff Said

In an affront to anyone who believes in truth, justice and fair play, Jack Kirby’s greedy heirs have the unmitigated gall to send notices of copyright termination to such benevolent arts foundations as Marvel Entertainment, Disney, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and others studios that hold licensed media rights to Marvel characters.

Can you imagine that?

Just as new best buddies Disney and Marvel about to usher in a new golden age of super-hero merchandising, the no-account relatives of some insignificant hack hire an attorney who clearly hates comic books and try to ruin everything for everybody!

After all, this Kirby guy signed a contract right? Everything was fair and square and if it wasn’t … well, tough! And it’s not like his heirs ever did any of the work!! Why should they get money that rightfully belongs to Marvel?

Wait a minute. Do you think this legal crap could f* up Dark Reign? That would really suck!

I swear. These greedy leaches make me so …. MAD … that I’m liable to do something crazy like post a very strong comment stating my displeasure on the Newsarama site.

I’ll do it too; Just you wait and see!

4 thoughts on “Jack Who?

  1. Of course the Newsarama whiners who want to avoid compensating one of the form's greatest artists because they're scared about losing Marvel's current storylines are dumb.But at the same time, you realize you're headlining this post with an infringing reproduction of Kirby's work, right? And that, in fact, much of the comics blog "universe" involves exactly that kind of casual infringement (hell, I came to this post from a Trout in the Milk post asking people for Ben Grimm scans)?Marvel doesn't care about that infringement because you're effectively advertising for a Marvel property. But how much do Kirby's heirs care about that? I would bet they don't particularly care about Marvel's sales — they want their money from anyone benefiting from his work, and it's very likely that would include folks like you.I totally understand why it feels good to see these great artists finally getting another bite at the apple after the crappy way they were treated by the Big Two. But U.S. copyright law is extraordinarily harsh. The comic community has been a little shielded from the kinds of abusive practices characterized by the content owners in the music or film industries because there are so few players and it's such a small market. But there's nothing natural or permanent about this state. So I think there are reasonable grounds for being concerned about destabilizing that structure, especially when you're dealing with an activist law firm like this one.

  2. Thanks for the comment.The situation you describe sounds a bit extreme, but I realize this blog – as well as just about every other corner of the comix blogosphere – depends quite a bit on the kindness of comic-book publishers.(And of course the "Fair Use" bit only goes so far …)But hey, Jack Kirby and the other creators I rave on and on about have rewarded my life enough that I can't help but support their families' efforts to get a fairer slice of the industry that was built upon artists and writers' backs.I'd happily give up posting pictures of The Thing or blogging altogether for that.

  3. N, I think you're way off-base. And I mean to say it respectfully, but I've still gotta say it even if I mess that part up. So…are you still here?Ahem. As a songwriter, I'm a "content owner" in the music industry, and you do me wrong when you lump me in with the record companies. I'm not work-for-hire; they're pursuing their own interests, not mine, when they commit those "abuses" you reference — their cupidity, not my copyright, is what's creating all that. And for that reason I think the link between music and comics you offer here is an illegitimate one.Also, if you're gonna hire a lawyer at all, I firmly believe you should hire an activist one, don't you?As to Marvel not caring about Marc scanning stuff, vs. the Kirbys caring…I tell you what, I'll take that bet. Especially since if Marvel is willing to tolerate the existence of posts saying "look, Kirby is awesome, I hope his family is successful", it would seem very strange if the Kirbys took exception to it. Particularly since Marc is actually not benefiting from this infringement…

  4. …Sorry, wanted to be sure that comment wasn't too long for Blogger to post. And so okay, here's another thing, and I believe it's an important thing: this is a fan press, and it's tiny. Real small potatoes. Now, we could say that it doesn't matter how big or little it is, that infringement is infringement, and it's always wrong, and THAT'S THAT…Except infringement isn't always wrong, and it's silly to claim that it is, especially when you can go to a con and pay an artist to draw you a picture of Batman or something. Heck, maybe you could even get Joe Quesada to draw you a picture of Batman, now wouldn't that be something! The point being: it isn't exactly a secret black-market trade, you know? Marvel and DC could easily put a stop to it, at least to most of it, but they haven't done so, and if they don't care about that…if that's fine with them…then why is this so hypocritical and wrong?If they're tolerant of us, why shouldn't we be tolerant of ourselves? Heck, they haven't so much as asked us not to do it, you know? And they so easily could, I can only assume that there's some sort of tacit permission there. Now, I may be wrong in that assumption even so, but after far more than due consideration I think it is not an unreasonable assumption to make, so I'm gonna make it. And that must be fair enough, at least for now, eh?Though I wish I knew if you were sincere, N. 'Cause that was a lot of typing if you were just driving by…

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