The Original Supergirl

The Original Supergirl

Before Linda Danvers, Cir-El, Matrix and Kara Zor-El – heck, before the friggin’ “totem Super-Girl” – there was Queen Lucy Of Borgonia: the original Maid Of Might!

Unlike Kara and her brethren, however, she possessed no super-powers.

As detailed in Superboy #5 (November-December 1949), Lucy was a royal who desired a normal life and moved to Smallville, where she attempted to blend in with her peers as a friendly, neighborhood transfer student. Unfortunately, her superior scholastic and athletic skills alienate the young queen from her fellow teenagers … except for Clark Kent.

After helping Superboy nab some robbers, Lucy is heralded in the press as a “Supergirl” and even participates in a series of public stunts (for charity, of course) where Clark uses his powers to make his friend seem superhuman.

Following a bit of political intrigue involving an evil chancellor – there’s always an evil chancellor, right? – Lucy returns to Borgonia and assumes her rightful place on the throne. At the end of the story, a love-struck Superboy wonders if the queen ever thinks of him.

Since Lucy is never heard from again, however, I guess we know the answer to that question. Still, the young queen deserves a spot in comic-book history as DC’s first Supergirl.

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