Robot Woman

Robot 01

Boy, the world just seems nuts these days.

Between labyrinthian debates on health care, rampant unemployment, crippling disasters in the Philippines and Indonesia and the continuing spectacle of public figures self-destructing on national television, it appears that life as we know it is spiraling down the drain.

Thank goodness for comic books!

When the nightly news becomes too much to bear, I like nothing better than reaching back into the old Fortress Of Fortitude archives for a classic chiller to take the edge off my evening. And what can be more classic than a demented tale of true love from one of the most distinctive artists of any era, Basil Wolverton?

From Key Publications, one of the most gloriously gory horror publishers of the pre-Code era (check out David Hajdu’s The Ten Cent Plague for the juicy details), here’s Wolverton’s “Robot Woman.”

The story originally appeared in Weird Mysteries #2.

Robot 02Robot 03Robot 04

Robot 05Robot 06

There now, don’t we all feel better … albeit a bit grossed out?

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