Mrs. Frankenstein


Dick Briefer’s classic Frankenstein series is justly remembered for its surreal wit and fractured “big-foot” art. However, Briefer was able to inspire chills as well as laughs.

Before Frankenstein’s Monster gained fame as a lovable galoot, Briefer placed the character in several effective horror tales that struck terror into the hearts of Golden Age comics fans.

Here is an example of such a story, with a bit of pathos thrown in for good measure. From Prize Comics # 26, here’s the sad and violent tale of “Mrs. Frankenstein.”

02 030405


Another happy ending!

Enjoy your Halloween, Time Bulleteers!

One thought on “Mrs. Frankenstein

  1. Briefer later returned to much this conception of the Monster (and offered a very similar story of the Monster finding love only to have it taken from him by such violence), but the crusader by Wertham &alii to put an end to crime and horror comic books brought an end to the new series.

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