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Dylan Love & Theft

There’s a reason this blog isn’t titled “The TIMELY Bullet.”

As much as I intend to post on a more regular basis, it just seems harder and harder these days to find the time and energy to wax poetic on the relative merits of Yankee Girl vs. Miss Victory. Still, I’m not ready to hang up the keyboard for a second – and presumably final – time, so it seems like a fine to time to literally steal a page from Johnny Bacardi’s fine blog and invite myself to an enticing meme that challenges participants to list their favorite albums of the last 20 years.

“Favorite” is the key word here. As the tag on Mr. Bacardi’s post states, and I quote, “If Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane was your favorite album, that should be number 1, even if you feel Nevermind was a more influential album.”

Well, Maroon 5 didn’t make the cut on my particular list but I must confess that Nirvana fell short as well. While I greatly admire Kurt Cobain’s  discography as well as a great deal of Hip-Hop released in the past two decades, the albums I return to time and time again tend to revolve around less revolutionary rock ‘n’ roll and singer-songwriter conceits.

You can take a boy out of the ’70s, but you can’t take the ’70s out of the boy I guess.

The Dylan record, released on Sept. 11, 2001, is definitely my favorite album of the past 20 years; a dense swirl of Americana mixed with ruminations of mortality and a knock-knock joke.

The rest appear in no particular order. All, however, offered something of value in a pithy lyric, snarling guitar lick or hyped-up beat.

With no further ado …

  1. Bob Dylan –  Love And Theft
  2. The White StripesDe Stijl
  3. Gillian WelchTime (The Revelator)
  4. Drive-By TruckersSouthern Rock Opera
  5. Paul McCartneyRun Devil Run
  6. The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs
  7. Kylie MinogueImpossible Princess
  8. New York DollsOne Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This
  9. Dean & BrittaL’Avventura
  10. SpoonKill The Moonlight
  11. Matthew SweetGirlfriend
  12. DovesThe Last Broadcast
  13. Sinead O’ConnorGospel Oak
  14. Mother HipsThe Green Hills Of Earth
  15. Neko CaseFox Confessor Brings The Flood
  16. The Detroit CobrasLife, Love And Leaving
  17. BeckMutations
  18. Teenage FanclubSongs From Northern Britain
  19. Johnny CashAmerican IV: The Man Comes Around
  20. Nada SurfLet Go
  21. Britney SpearsBlackout
  22. SupergrassIn It For The Money
  23. Maria McKeeLife Is Sweet
  24. Belle & SebastianDear Catastrophe Waitress
  25. Jay BennettThe Magnificent Defeat

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