The Artificial Twin

twin 1

After the fabled team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby parted ways in the mid-50s, the once and future king of comics lent his talents to DC and produced an astounding 600 pages of material for the company in 30 months.

His contributions to the company included co-creating DC mainstays The Challengers Of The Unknown, blasting Green Arrow off into a unique series of science-fiction based adventures and assorted short stories in the publisher’s many anthology titles.

Despite his prodigious output, however, Kirby soon found himself at odds with a few notable – and powerful – figures within the company. Superman editor Mort Weisinger, the co-creator of Green Arrow, disliked Kirby’s take on the Emerald Archer and often spoke disparagingly of the King’s artistic style.

Complicating matters, Kirby found himself embroiled in a contractual dispute with DC editor Jack Schiff over disputed royalties owed from the artist’s work on the syndicated Sky Masters comic strip with Wally Wood.

The sum result of these, and other, disputes within DC led Kirby to rejoin Stan Lee at Atlas Comics … and of course, the rest is history.

“The Artificial Twin” was one of many stories Kirby illustrated for DC’s House Of Mystery horror anthology. Although DC’s horror and sci-fi offerings were rather tame even before the Comics Code Authority was established, the King’s art provides its customary kick and there are a few nice, paranoid moments as the protagonist struggles to make sense of his fiance’s sudden change in behavior.

From the House Of Mystery #76, here’s “The Artificial Twin.”

twin 2twin 3

twin 4twin 5

twin 6twin 7


2 thoughts on “The Artificial Twin

  1. Actually, I believe the Peggy that tried to stop the battle royal between Dirk and Mayo was the replicant. But since “Peggy 2” probably acted exactly the way the original would in the same situation, your point still stands.

    On a totally related note, the Peggy in this story somewhat resembles the actress who plays “Peggy” in Mad Men. Strange coincidence, or am I reaching here?

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