So what could be better than a tawdry, “bad-girl-gone-worse” comic from a two-bit Golden Age comics publisher?

A tawdry, “bad-girl-gone-worse” comic from an obscure Golden Age comics publisher drawn by MATT BAKER!

Baker (1921-1959) is easily one of the best, and most notorious, “good girl” artists in comics history.

The artist’s sexy redesign of the Phantom Lady may be best remembered by fans and scholars alike for raising Frederic Wertham’s hackles, but Baker’s distinct style graced an staggering array of comic-book genres ranging from jungle girls, war and Westerns to romance, super-heroes and crime.

One of America’s first major African-American cartoonists, he also illustrated the noir graphic novel It Rhymes With Lust, written by Arnold Drake and Leslie Waller.

Although Baker passed away at the age of 37, his crisp storytelling and ability to depict beautiful women without sacrificing the subjects’ strength and dignity (No Jim Balent exaggerations here … which is quite a trick, when you note the lurid scripts he often illustrated) influences artists to this day.

From P.L. Publishing’s  Weird Adventures #1, it’s “The She-Wolf Killer!”





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