Anatomy Of An Actress

The image above is taken from one of my favorite courtroom dramas, Anatomy Of A Murder starring James Stewart, Ben Gazzara  and Lee Remick.

Featuring a topic that’s controversial to this day (acquaintance rape), expert direction from Otto Preminger, a sizzling score from the legendary Duke Ellington and – to top it off – one of the most beloved leading men in Hollywood’s history, Anatomy was destined for greatness from the day it first screened.

The real find for me, however, was Lee Remick.

When I was a younger, Remick was little more to me than Damien Thorn’s adopted mother. Years later, my wife and I rented Anatomy and were introduced to a different Lee Remick. She was seductive and conniving, yet somehow fragile; a complicated leading woman for a complicated film.

Remick was a striking beauty, but what made her even more appealing was the obvious intelligence behind the Hollywood glamor. The actress once stated she made “movies for grown-ups.”  That’s entirely appropriate, for Lee Remick was definitely a grown woman whose legacy still stands tall amid Hollywood’s current crop of publicity-starved children.


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