Bizarre Love Triangle

ghoulash 000

As we creep closer to Halloween, it’s incumbent upon every blogger to inject a few thrills and chills on his or her Web site. To not do so is to risk punishment by … I don’t know, an eternal snub from the “popular kids” of the blogosphere.

(You know who you are …)

So, for the next 13 days the Time Bullet will feature some of my favorite Pre-Code horror comics. We’ll return to the days when funny books largely set aside super-heroics and bedeviled responsible parents everywhere by reminding readers that – to paraphrase the great William M. Gaines – virtue doesn’t always triumph.

Our first story spotlights a love triangle between a vampire and two handsome suitors – just the thing for fans of Twilight. Of course, the Pre-Code era treated such concepts a wee bit differently than Stephanie Meyer.

From Mysterious Adventures #20 (Story, 1954), here’s “Ghoulash.” The story is illustrated by Bill Savage.

ghoulash 001

ghoulash 002

ghoulash 003

ghoulash 004

ghoulash 005

ghoulash 006

ghoulash 007

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