Weird Science

fens 000

The 13 Days Of Halloween continue with dodgy comic-book science, a maiden in distress and an extremely loquacious zombie.

Don’t fret, Time Bulleteer. It all pulls together thanks to the storytelling skills of Golden Age horror mainstay Jay Disbrow. One of many graduates from the famed Iger Studio, Disbrow’s distinctive style is somewhat reminiscent of Jack Kamen (clean layouts, “good girls”) and Matt Fox (stiff, woodcut figures and surreal creatures).

It’s an odd but potent mix that elevates Disbrow’s stories above the blood-soaked pack of EC imitators that dominated the comics market in the early 1950s.

From Beware #10 (Trojan, 1954), here’s “The Thing In The Fens” by Jay Disbrow.

fens 001

fens 002

fens 003

fens 004

fens 005

fens 006

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