Evil Woman

prize 000

Satan appeared in so many Pre-Code horror tales that he was practically the most popular ongoing comic-book character of the early ’50s. No wonder Frederic Wertham had such a fit.

The Lucifer of Pre-Code horror comics usually tempted the tale’s protagonist to sell his or her soul in exchange for the usual wealth and fame (with the usual ironic consequence).

The following tale, however, cast the Prince Of Darkness in a more horrific role. He corrupts an innocent child and brags about the resulting destruction of human life. Although the tale makes mention of a greater force than evil, the reader isn’t left with much reassurance of virtue’s ultimate triumph.

“Satan’s Woman Prize” originally appeared in Eerie #14 (Avon, 1954). It was illustrated by the prolific team of Norman Nodel and Vince Alascia.

prize 001

prize 002

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prize 004

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