Mike Esposito, RIP

Insane by Andru & Esposito

I was very sad to hear of Mike Esposito’s passing over the weekend. His run on Amazing Spider-Man with best friend and frequent collaborator Ross Andru defined Marvel’s Web-Head during my youth and I later discovered the pair’s top-notch work on such DC perennials as Metal Men, Our Army At War, and Wonder Woman.

Esposito began working in the comics field after World War II and contributed to titles published by Timely, Fox and Fiction House. He and Andru then briefly formed their own publishing company, Mikeross, which published the Mad Comics-inspired Get Lost.

Although the publishing venture didn’t work out, Andru and Esposito remained a vital team for several decades and produced memorable tales for just about every company under the sun.

As a small tribute to Esposito (and Andru), today’s Pre-Code horror story is illustrated by the legendary art team. “Insane,” a tale that deals more with human nature than the supernatural, originally appeared in Mysterious Adventures #22 (Story, 1954).


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