Pax Robotica

astro boy

The conclusion to Osamu Tezuka’s legendary Astro Boy tale, “The Greatest Robot On Earth.”

Originally published in the early 1960s – and best known by modern comics fans as the inspiration for Naoki Urasawa’s justly acclaimed Pluto series – the tale centers around a sentient automaton created by a bloodthirsty man to crush its opponents and reign as “The Greatest Robot On Earth.”

Although structured as a robot battle royale, the tale ultimately has greater designs than your typical “smash ’em up.”

The “Greatest Robot On Earth,” in Tezuka’s eyes, wasn’t the mightiest combatant. It was the hero who longed for the day when such battles would no longer be necessary.


2 thoughts on “Pax Robotica

  1. “…And we’ll all join together to eliminate our common foe…the sadistic humans who build us for their cruel amusement! May their blood lubricate our ball bearings!!!”

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