Bungle In The Jungle

Lorna 000

Of all the jungle girls who patrolled the Golden Age of Comics, Atlas Comics’ Lorna was undeniably saddled with the most annoying and useless sidekick.

Greg Knight, a would-be explorer, spent nearly every moment of his fictional existence disparaging Lorna’s efforts to keep peace in the jungle. Insisting such tasks were best left to men, he would invariably pursue dead-end leads or find himself captured until the Jungle Girl restored everything to his rightful place.

Naturally, Lorna was madly in love with the idiot even though he rarely responded in kind.

*Sigh* No accounting for taste, right?

The following tale (an admittedly fun take on the evil twin trope) is a typical example of Greg Knight’s winning combination of ineptness and ill temper.

Fortunately, this rather unpleasant character is more than offset by the gorgeous good-girl art of Werner Roth. There may have been jungle queens less dependent on the affections of crummy boyfriends – such as Rulah and Tiger Girl, to name two – but few enjoyed better illustrated adventures.

From Lorna The Jungle Girl #6 (Atlas, 1954), here’s “Double Danger” by Roth and writer Don Rico.

Lorna 001

Lorna 002

Lorna 003

Lorna 004

Lorna 005

Lorna 006


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