Heck To Pay

Despite its current occupation with all things Sheen, Twitter does has its uses as a resource of information and communication.

(Ask some Middle Eastern dictators if you think otherwise, but that’s a conversation for another day. Our immediate concerns are much more parochial.)

Yesterday evening, comic-book scribe Beau Smith shared a beautiful peace of original art by Don Heck via everyone’s favorite non-Facebook  social networking site. I complimented Smith for posting the page and restated my firm belief that Heck’s work is criminally underrated.

Smith’s reply?  “Without a doubt. A true craftsman influenced by (Milt) Caniff and (Noel) Sickles.”

Sometimes 140 characters sums up a sentiment quite aptly. That brief Twitter exchange also inspired me to dig out an old favorite illustrated by Mr. Heck himself, “Fool’s Gold.” An appropriately violent Pre-Code mix of the Western and horror genres, the story originally appeared in Death Valley #2 (Comic Media, 1953).


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