Seeya Later, Alligator

Jack Kirby was not only one of the premier action-adventure writer-artists of his – or just about any – generation. He could also draw a mean funny animal strip.

Lockjaw the Alligator – whose demeanor and speech pattern will undoubtedly strike a familiar chord with fans of a certain Blue-Eyed Ever-Lovin’ Thing –  was one of Kirby’s rare forays into the genre. Although the story is only  five pages long, it aptly demonstrates an interesting direction The King’s career could have taken. Plus, there’s an unexpected – but expertly choreographed  – dance scene to boot!

And yeah, it’s entirely possible that Lockjaw’s memory lives on in the form of The Inhumans’ lovable, teleporting pooch.

“Lockjaw Goes To College” originally appeared in Punch And Judy Comics, vol. 3 #1 (Hillman Periodicals, 1947)


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