Rabbit Punch


Hoppy The Marvel Bunny was one of the first “funny animal” super-heroes, debuting late 1942 in the first issue of Fawcett’s Funny Animals comic. As Hoppy’s appearance and “code name” indicates, the character’s origin is rather simple: He’s essentially Captain Marvel as a rabbit.

Hoppy was created by cartoonist Chad Grothkopf presumably as a way for Fawcett to extend the already kid-friendly Captain Marvel line to very small children. Despite such mercenary beginnings, however, the series often boasted charming stories and art that remain appealing to this day. For example, the following story depicts a roving gang of evil boxing kangaroos.

How awesome is that, Internet?

From Hoppy The Marvel Bunny #1 (Fawcett, 1945), here’s “Hoppy Vs. The Boxing Kangaroos.” The writer and artist of this tale are uncredited.






You know, if Grant Morrison threw Batman against an evil, boxing kangaroo the entire comics blogoverse would probably shatter into millions of pieces …


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