William The Conquerer


Although The Conquerer may not have been one of Bill Everett’s more famous creations, this rip-roaring adventure from Victory Comics’ inaugural issue aptly demonstrated that the character had what it took to be a major player.

(Except maybe sales figures, but that’s the comics biz for you.)

I’m especially struck by The Conquerer’s costume design – which seemed a bit more realistic than your usual super-hero union suit – and the mysterious femme fatale Varna Bari, who added the requisite touch of moral ambiguity present in many of Everett’s tales.

From Victory Comics #1 (Hillman Periodicals, 1941), here’s “The Coming Of The Conquerer” by Bill Everett.













If you enjoyed this story, be sure to check out Blake Bell’s forthcoming compilation of pre-WWII Everett stories, Amazing Mysteries: The Bill Everett Archives Vol. 1. Looks like the book design even features Everett’s ace cover art for Victory Comics #1!


8 thoughts on “William The Conquerer

  1. Unfortunately, Fantagraphics has postponed publication of the book until December.

    (I hope that this doesn’t end-up like their Pogo compilation, which has repeatedly been postponed and is now literally years behind the original schedule.)

      • Alas, now there has been a further postponement, until late January.

        I’m not going to plague this ‘blog with further such announcements; interested readers can just infer that the actual publication date is really quite uncertain.

      • I asked Blake Bell via Twitter, who in turned forwarded the question to Fantagraphics. (Apparently, he’s just as eager to see the book published…which makes sense now that I think about it) They’re saying late December, early January.

        Hope that works out.

      • e.Mail of early this morning from Fantagraphics says that the printed volumes have arrived. Let’s hope that they sell well enough for further collections to be published!

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