eye 00

Sorry for the delay between posts. I planned to put something up sooner, but ended up injuring my cornea after attempting to lift an 8 lb. poodle.

It’s a long and embarrassing story …

At any rate, the pain has finally subsided after a million or so antibiotic eye-drops and I should be back on my feet in no time. To celebrate, here’s a vintage crime tale starring the most unusual Golden Age super-hero of all: The Eye!

For those of you unfamiliar with the ocular avenger, The Eye was … umm … a giant floating eyeball who understandably struck fear into the criminal element whenever and wherever he (she? it??) appeared. It’s admittedly an obscure concept for a costumed hero, but at least DC couldn’t sue the creators for copying Superman!

From Keen Detective Funnies #24 (Centaur Publications, 1940), here’s “The Eye Sees.” Story and art are credited to Mark Schneider.

eye 01

eye 02

eye 03

eye 04

eye 05

eye 06

eye 07

eye 08

eye 09

eye 09a

Be seeing you!


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