Crazy Horses

racket squad 01

Here’s a Pre-Code crime story drawn by Steve Ditko when the great illustrator was still a bit wet behind the ears.

Although Ditko’s storytelling skills remain a rough in spots, it’s more than evident that the artist knew how to effectively establish a mood right from the get-go.

The characters’ facial expressions – distorted yet still realistic – also enhance the script greatly.

From Racket Squad In Action #11, Charlton Comics (May-June, 1954), here’s “Botticelli of the Bangtails.”

Racket Squad 02

Racket Squad 03

Racket Squad 04

Racket Squad 05

Racket Squad 06

Racket Squad 07

Racket Squad 08

Racket Squad 09

FYI: This story, and many other great offerings from Ditko’s Golden Age tenure with Charlton, is available in more pristine condition in Strange Suspense: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol.1, edited by Blake Bell and published by Fantagraphics.


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