Like Father, Like Son


Professor Supermind and Son, Dell’s apparent answer to Superman, appeared in 12 consecutive issues of the publisher’s Popular Comics title back in 1941 before disappearing off the face of the Earth.

During that short span of time, the father-son team battled the forces of tyranny as embodied by the marauding armies of “Cruelblitz” and “Dictoriana”: thinly veiled substitutes for Adolph Hitler’s Germany.

The stories were copyrighted to “RS Callendar.” Other than the name of the artist who drew the characters’ debut in Popular Comics #60 – Maurice Kashuba, who is primarily remembered today for working on early issues of DC’s Detective Comics – no creator credits appeared in any other Supermind & Son story.

To be honest, that’s all you need to know to enjoy the following tale. Everything else is explained in the opening panel, a nice bit of economic storytelling that would be spread out over five or six issues in modern comics.

Here’s Supermind & Son versus the Dictator of Cruelblitz. The story originally appeared in Popular Comics #64, Dell Comics (June, 1941).









It’s not every day that you see a super-hero call Adolph Hitler a “woman in man’s clothes.” Well, at least in a comic that isn’t written by Frank Miller …


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