Enemy Mine


Fawcett’s Captain Nazi was as bloodthirsty a villain as could be found in the Golden Age.

Sent by Hitler himself in Master Comics #21 (story by Bill Woolfolk, art by Mac Raboy) to “humble America,” the not-so-good Captain sought to undermine democracy by the most direct method possible: killing as many people as he possibly could with his bare hands.

From Master Comics #11 Art by Raboy

Unsurprisingly, Nazi’s rampage attracted the attention of such heroes as Captain Marvel and Bulletman. After a particularly brutal battle against The World’s Mightiest Mortal in Whiz Comics #25 (story by France Herron, art by C.C. Beck & Raboy), the villain found himself helpless in the middle of the ocean.

An elderly man and his grandson tried to lend a hand, but …

From Whiz Comics #25, Art by Raboy & Beck

Captain Marvel saved the boy’s life but was shocked to learn the young victim’s back had been broken. Billy Batson, the Big Red Cheese’s alter ego (but you already knew that, right?), subsequently decided to take matters into his own hands and brought the crippled boy to the wizard Shazam.

The result? A new champion of justice is born: Captain Marvel Jr.

From Whiz #25 Art by Beck & RaboyFrom Whiz #25 Art by Beck & Raboy

From Whiz #25 Art by Beck & RaboyFrom Whiz #25, Art by Beck & Raboy

Junior’s subsequent confrontations with Captain Nazi were understandably a tad more intense than a stereotypical Marvel Family adventure. Those Golden Age tales weren’t all talking tigers and evil worms, you know …

The following story concerns Captain Nazi’s attempt to fatally poison American soldiers, a macabre plan that Freddy Freeman vows to stop. “Captain Marvel Jr. Saves The Doomed Army” originally appeared in Master Comics #30, Fawcett (September, 1942).

The writer is not credited but the story’s striking artwork is rendered by the great Mac Raboy.
















2 thoughts on “Enemy Mine

  1. Y’know, what I would have really enjoyed would have been a story in which Captain Marvel Jr not only just killed Captain Nazi, but took into custody the Fawcett editor who had repeatedly let CN escape.

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