Birds Of Prey

blackhawk A

Since Blackhawk is one of the many “franchises” (ugh) DC plans to reboot this September, I thought it would be a good idea to enjoy a vintage adventure featuring the original crew.

This particular tale finds the team far removed from their World War II roots, but still fighting the good fight against Communists, crime lords and an alien invasion or two.

The artist is Dick Dillin, a name familiar to Justice League fans of the 1970s. Although he isn’t as closely associated with the Blackhawks as Reed Crandall, Dillin did enjoy a long run with the characters under both the Quality and DC banners.

“The Human Torpedoes,” featuring the sinister scuba machinations of the awesomely named Admiral Eel, originally appeared in Blackhawk #86, Quality Comics (March, 1955). The art is by Dillin and an inker who also shares more than a little history with Blackhawk, Chuck Cuidera.

blackhawk 1

blackhawk 2

blackhawk 3

blackhawk 4

blackhawk 5

blackhawk 6

blackhawk 7

blackhawk 8

blackhawk 9

blackhawk 10


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