Blow Up

Police Comics 014 25

My first encounter with Quality Comics super-heroes was Justice League Of America #107 (DC Comics, September-October 1973), the first chapter of the the teams’ team-up with the Freedom Fighters of Earth X. Like any rational comic-book crazed 11-year-old, I was intrigued by these “new” super-heroes engaged in an endless war against the hordes of an android Hitler.

Thanks to Jim Steranko’s excellent history of Golden Age comics, I later learned the heroes of Earth-X weren’t new at all but the product of a long-defunct publisher: Quality Comics. Sadly, reprints of Golden Age Quality characters were few and far between and my contact with the heroes was confined to the Freedom Fighters’ random appearances in the DC universe.

Fortunately the recent profusion of public domain comic-book Internet sites like the excellent Digital Comics Museum has made it possible to enjoy Quality Comics from the ‘40s, including this following tale featuring one of my favorite Golden Age super-heroes: The Human Bomb!

“Mr. Chameleon” originally appeared in Police Comics #14 (Quality Comics, December 1942). The story was written and drawn by the great Paul Gustavson.

Police Comics 014 26

Police Comics 014 27

Police Comics 014 28

Police Comics 014 29

Police Comics 014 30

Police Comics 014 31

Police Comics 014 32

Police Comics 014 33

Too bad the professor “accidentally” bumped into the Bomb’s exposed hand. Oh well, that’s Golden-Age justice for you!


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