V For Victory

Miss Victory first donned the stars and stripes on August, 1941 – four months before a certain Amazon princess came to Man’s World and taught the virtues of loving obedience.

(She wasn’t alone that month. Phantom Lady, The Black Cat, Nelvana of The North and other distaff characters also debuted that August, spearheading a Gold Rush of super-powered heroines that remains unmatched to this day … )

Appearing as a back-up feature in the first issue of Captain Fearless, Miss Victory’s civilian identity was Joan Wayne, a stenographer who decided to spend her spare time bringing criminals to justice. End of origin. The Greatest Generation apparently didn’t need much motivation to chip in and do their bit for God and Country.

Although Captain Fearless only lasted two issues, Miss Victory remained a strong supporting character throughout the Golden Age and eventually found a permanent home in the Captain Aero comic. Judging by the following story, she also dumped stenography for a career as an Air Force officer.

Miss Victory slipped into comic-book limbo, along with many other Golden Age crime-fighters, after the conclusion of World War II. Ms. Wayne proved to be hardier than most of her contemporaries, however, when she reemerged nearly 40 years later as the leader of AC Comics’ Femforce.

From Captain Aero Comics #22 (Continental Magazines, April 1945), here’s “Devils With Wings.” The art is by Nina Albright, a true pioneer herself among Golden Age creators.

Wow … able to take out a Nazi goon and a bird of prey with a single punch! Impressive.


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