Sex & The Single Super Girl

The comics that offended “right-thinking” people in the 1940s and 1950s are tame by today’s standards, especially when compared to what major publishers offer on the stands these days.

Fox’s Phantom Lady may have been Public Enemy No. 1 to Frederic Wertham, but to be quite honest I’ll take the relatively respectful (and realistic) “headlight” art of Matt Baker and Phantom Lady’s wit, intelligence and competence over the one-dimensional, anatomically exaggerated bad girls currently offered by the “House That Siegel & Shuster Built.”

From Phantom Lady #19 (Fox Features Syndicate, August 1948), here’s “Wine, Women and Sudden Death” by Iger Studio writer and editor Ruth Roche (one of the most successful and prolific – if anonymous – female creators of the Golden Age) and Matt Baker.


2 thoughts on “Sex & The Single Super Girl

  1. That first page is really striking, with everything being white or a shade of red, her holding the scissors, and the paper dolls swirling around behind her towards the crook. Definitely caught my eye..

  2. I also like the duotone, but it was more due to the fact that publisher Victor Fox was a cheapskate than any artistic considerations. Many Fox Comics started on the inside front cover, and thus were only allowed spot coloring. That said, Matt Baker’s splash page is tremendous and the red and white shades definitely make it even more striking.

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