Devil In The Details

cm26S (27)

The Hood was pretty much your standard Golden Age vigilante who enjoyed smashing criminals who tried to cheat the law via legal loopholes.

(And that was back in 1941. Just imagine how much Miranda requirements would have ticked off this guy…)

He generally dealt with crime bosses, saboteurs and the like, but there was that one time he faced off against…

Well, read the story and discover for yourself.

“The Man Who Sold His Soul To The Devil” – there’s a pretty big spoiler – originally appeared in Cat-Man Comics #26 (Continental Magazines, September 1944). The story was drawn by the criminally underrated Bob Fujitani.

cm26S (28)

cm26S (29)

cm26S (30)

cm26S (31)

cm26S (32)

cm26S (33)

Brrrrr … good advice Hood.

Too bad your warnings are for naught, as tomorrow marks the first of the Time Bullet’s 13-day countdown to Halloween! Let’s see just how strange things can get in heaven and earth!


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