The Object Of His Affection


Dick Briefer’s run on the Frankenstein Monster can be broken down into three distinct eras: the early strips that depicted the Creature as a devious and savage villain; the darkly humorous Frankenstein comics that Briefer found most fulfilling creatively; and the pre-Code horror incarnation that reinvented the monster as a figure that inspired revulsion and pity.

Although the last category doesn’t enjoy the critical acclaim of the more whimsical Frankenstein comics, Briefer still managed to pen a number of effective horror tales that deserve to be considered among the best of that particular comic-book genre.

The following story is a good example of how Briefer could give the most monstrous of characters a heart and features a shock ending with real kick.

The 13 Days Of Halloween continue with “The Beautiful Dead” from Frankenstein Comics #32 (Prize Comics Group, August-September 1954). The story was written and drawn by Briefer.










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