Sweet Revenge

Journey Into Fear 15-27-st4

Journey Into Fear #15 (Superior Publishers Ltd., September 1953) was one of many Pre-Code horror titles that received the (dubious?) honor of appearing in Dr. Frederic Wertham’s Seduction Of The Innocent.

A quick scan of the issue makes it apparent why the good doctor took such umbrage: vengeful zombies, heartsick ghouls and hunger-crazed werewolves practically leap off the pages with malevolent glee.

My favorite tale in that particular comic, however, concerns a monster of a less supernatural bent. After all, who is capable of greater horror than a man filled with jealousy and hatred?

Here’s “Revenge So Evil.” The story and art are not credited, although the piece looks to be the product of the Iger Studio.

Journey Into Fear 15-28-st4

Journey Into Fear 15-29

Journey Into Fear 15-30

Journey Into Fear 15-31

Journey Into Fear 15-32

Journey Into Fear 15-33


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