Lucifer Be A Lady Tonight


It’s difficult these days to believe that a character as dark and unusual as Madam Satan debuted in the same title that introduced the world to Archie, but such seeming discrepancies are typical of that Wild, Wild West era better known as the Golden Age Of Comics.

Although she vied with Timely’s Black Widow for the title of Satan’s sexiest subordinate, the woman only known as “Tyra” didn’t enjoy that long a run in Pep Comics, six mere issues to be exact.

Those six stories presented a great opportunity for artist Harry Lucey to stretch his creative muscles, though. Each story, including the first presented below, featured a striking splash page that featured the Lord of Lies looking down upon the wretched Earth.

Pretty potent stuff, and this was years before Crime Does Not Pay or Tales From The Crypt.

As we all know, MLJ eventually chose to pursue a different direction with its publications. When the company – now known as Archie Comics, of course – chooses to revive its Golden Age characters Madam Satan is usually left behind.

But what better time to revive Tyra than the night before Halloween? From Pep Comics #16 (MLJ Comics, June 1941), here’s “The Origin Of Madam Satan.”

The story was written by Abner Sundell and drawn by Lucey, who later found greater acclaim with his Sam Hill crime feature and  – of course – a long run on Archie that influenced the likes of Jaime Hernandez.








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