Playing Possum

Although Pogo Possum long served as the Okefenokee Swamp’s voice of reason, the little critter was originally just as untamed as the rest of the fabled comic strip’s characters.

(Well … nobody really topped Albert in that category. His personality was pretty much set from Day 1.)

Pogo’s actions in the following story are largely derived from the character’s feelings of anger and spite toward his invading relatives, a rarity in later years as Kelly’s “every-possum” grew more reflective and even-tempered as he “matured.”

The untitled tale originally  appeared in Animal Comics #17 (Dell Comics, October-November 1945). The story and art are by Walt Kelly.







I believe Fantagraphics’ long-awaited collection of Pogo comic strips is finally due to appear. It’s definitely must-read material, Time Bulleteers.


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