Curse Of The Spider Woman


’Tis the season for … supernatural predators whose unholy appetites serve as a not-so-subtle metaphor for adolescent sex urges? Guess some stories work all year round!

“Web Of The Spider Woman” originally appeared in Hand Of Fate #18 (Ace Periodicals, June 1953). The story is not credited.









One thought on “Curse Of The Spider Woman

  1. The problem with these stories in which the concealed evil-doer decides to teach the debunker a lesson is that it’s just not in the interest of the evil-doer to retask the debunker (as herald or as a mid-night snack).

    And, in the case of this story, it began with Ms Tate selecting a high-profile victim, instead of someone about whom the authorities would be less concerned. (The case of John Wayne Gacy illustrates how the police will not be bothered to protect certain sorts of victims.)

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