Tempting Fate

It’s always a pleasure to post a story drawn by Lou Cameron, and this particular comic is a personal favorite.

As an impressionable young’un, I was blown away in the early 197os by Michael Fleisher and Jim Aparo’s interpretation of The Spectre. Grim and gritty super-heroes weren’t the flavor of the week back then, so it was exceedingly rare to see a supposed good guy turn an evildoer into a piece of wood and run him through a buzz-saw.

So I was surprised a year or two ago when I first discovered “The Man Who Would Be Fate” in The Mammoth Book of Horror Comics. Here was the Fleisher and Aparo Spectre, albeit in another form, dispensing supernatural justice without shedding a tear. It was a great story that also introduced me to the fine work of Cameron, a horror and crime artist every bit as accomplished as the more famous EC crew.

From The Hand Of Fate #24 (Ace Periodicals, August 1954), here’s “The Man Who Would Be Fate.”


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