Presto Chango


Midnight, Jack Cole’s answer to The Spirit, typically found himself in situations that were a tad more surreal than the challenges faced by Will Eisner’s masked gumshoe. Guess that goes with the territory when you hang around with a talking chimpanzee…

From Smash Comics #29 (Quality Comics, December 1941), here’s “The Return Of Chango.” It’s a frenetic, topsy-turvy adventure written and drawn by the only mind that could conceive of such hilarious insanity – Jack Cole.







You know, DC or somebody should really get around to reprinting this stuff properly ….


4 thoughts on “Presto Chango

  1. What do you think made Cole decide what the Midnight strip needed was a talking monkey sidekick? I love the idea, it just seems such an odd choice.

    That image one the first page of Midnight punching at Chango, only for his fist to pass thru is really striking somehow. I think it’s how Midnight’s putting his whole body into it, but Chango’s leering over him, unperturbed. Quite the attention getter.

    • Midnight was created because Quality’s publisher wanted a replacement for The Spirit while Will Eisner was off at war. I believe Gabby the chimp – and I know this sounds terrible – was a stand-in for Ebony. Cole being Cole, however, turned Midnight into far more than a Spirit rip-off and as the years passed I think Gabby has aged a lot better than Ebony.

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