Cold As Ice

003 Blackhawk 37 Page 0

Count on Blackhawk to find skimpily dressed femme fatales in the least likely of places, such as the frozen arctic!

The following story originally appeared in Blackhawk #37 (Quality Comics, February 1951). The story is uncredited, but the Grand Comics Database guesses the art was drawn by Bill Quackenbush.

As is the case with just about every Golden Age Blackhawk story featuring Chop Chop, the comic contains more than its share of offensive racist stereotypes. While it isn’t my intention to condone such ignorance, I don’t wish to censor a very real – if unpleasant – part of our cultural heritage.

I wish we were beyond such nonsense in the 21st century, but recent media coverage of Jeremy Lin unfortunately illustrates we haven’t advanced as a society as much as we’d like to believe.

With that in mind, here’s “Aurora, Queen Of The Arctic.”

003 Blackhawk 37 Page 1

004 Blackhawk 37 Page 2

005 Blackhawk 37 Page 3

006 Blackhawk 37 Page 4

007 Blackhawk 37 Page 5

008 Blackhawk 37 Page 6

009 Blackhawk 37 Page 7

010 Blackhawk 37 Page 8

011 Blackhawk 37 Page 9

012 Blackhawk 37 Page 10

013 Blackhawk 37 Page 11

014 Blackhawk 37 Page 12


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