The Quiet One

weird mysteries 8 pg 00

Key Publications was known for publishing horror titles that could “out EC” EC Comics, but the following story offers a bit more depth than the typical pre-Code gore fest.

That’s not to say that a tale entitled “I Killed Mary” approaches Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” as an exemplar of psychological horror. It’s just a bit … different.

This six-page twisted treat originally appeared in Weird Mysteries #8 (Key Publications, January 1954). The story was pencilled by Sal Trapani and inked by S. Finocchiaro.

weird mysteries 8 pg 01

weird mysteries 8 pg 02

weird mysteries 8 pg 03

weird mysteries 8 pg 04

weird mysteries 8 pg 05

weird mysteries 8 pg 06

Yes, I know the anonymous writer of today’s story misspelled “squeamish.”


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