Dynamic Tension


The original Dynamic Man debuted in Mystic Comics #1 (Timely, March 1940) as one of many super-heroes the future House Of Ideas threw out to the marketplace in the hopes of replicating the success of Carl Burgos’ Human Torch and Bill Everett’s Sub-Mariner.

The character’s creator, Daniel Peters, took a page from the Torch’s playbook by casting Dynamic Man as an android brought to life by a brilliant scientist who hoped to benefit humanity by producing the “perfect man.”

Like most brilliant scientists in Golden Age comics, Dynamic Man’s would-be mentor perished as soon as his greatest dream was realized. The newly sentient being grimly vowed to continue the scientist’s “good work” and embarked upon a glorious super-hero career that lasted all of four issues.

(Although he was revived a few years back by J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston as a neutered being disgusted by any and all forms of sex.  Great idea!)

That would normally be all she wrote, but one year later another Dynamic Man with a nearly identical character design and origin appeared in the first issue of Harry A. Chesler’s Dynamic Comics.

Nobody seems to know if the appearance of a second hero so similar to one that failed months before is a coincidence or a less heralded example of the type of editorial policies that led to two separate Phantom Ladies.

At any rate, this Dynamic Man far outpaced his predecessor by lasting a good seven years before fading into comic-book limbo. Like Marvel’s Dynamic Man, the Chesler hero was also revived in the 21st Century as a false hero. This time, thanks to Alex Ross, the one-time crusader acted as an agent for a nefarious global conspiracy.

(Another great idea!)

The following story originally appeared in Dynamic Comics # 13 (Harry A. Chesler, January 1945). The art is provided by Al Plastino, a name that is no doubt familiar to fans of the Silver-Age Superman.








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