With Great Chutzpah …

In the midst of the imbroglio over Alan Moore and Before Watchmen, Rob Steibel’s Kirby Dynamics blog reminds us that Marvel’s record of caring for creators isn’t any better.

In a new documentary about Stan Lee, “The Man” takes sole credit for creating the Black Panther when history indicates that some guy by the name of Jack Kirby had just as much – if not more – involvement in conceiving the character.

Lee also claims credit for The Falcon, when the idea – as originally revealed in the forward to a Marvel Masterworks Captain America volume – apparently originated from the mind of Gene Colan.

Guess those constant cameos in every single Marvel film, cartoon and video game weren’t enough to stroke Stan’s ego…


One thought on “With Great Chutzpah …

  1. While it would have been first-best had Stanley Lieber never grabbed for credit that were not rightfully his, we’re in a second-best situation here, as he has grabbed for credit that is not plausibly his. If he’d been more moderate in his theft, then plenty of sensible folk would have believed him. As it now is, those sensible folk will be more doubtful of every challenged claim, and no one with more sense than a journalist will believe Lieber’s version of events.

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