Full Of Bull

034 Prize Western 71 Page 31

Dick Briefer is primarily remembered today for his exemplary work on the classic horror/surreal humor strip Frankenstein. His 16-year career in comic-books spanned numerous genres however, as Briefer’s skills as a writer and an artist proved just as adept in the genres of science-fiction, high-seas adventure and super-heroes.

Prize Comics, the anthology title that birthed Briefer’s Frankenstein, lost its super-hero features in 1948 due to the genre’s declining popularity after World War II. The legends and mystique of the Wild, Wild West proved far more alluring to readers of the time, so the book was renamed Prize Comics Western and published the exploits of such noted fictional – and at times historical – frontier heroes as “Dusty” Ballew, Wild Bill Hickock and the American Eagle.

Although he continued producing Frankenstein, Briefer also contributed to the Western fad by drawing – and perhaps writing – the inaugural adventure of a faux Zorro known as “The Black Bull.” The story itself is fairly standard, but Briefer’s “bigfoot” approach to the art adds a surreal element to the proceedings that place the feature – and its protagonist – far from the usual one-horse-town shoot-em-ups.

From Prize Comics Western #71 (Prize Comics Group, September-October 1948), here’s “Bullets At Salt Lick”.

034 Prize Western 71 Page 32

035 Prize Western 71 Page 33

036 Prize Western 71 Page 34

037 Prize Western 71 Page 35

038 Prize Western 71 Page 36

039 Prize Western 71 Page 37

040 Prize Western 71 Page 38

041 Prize Western 71 Page 39


2 thoughts on “Full Of Bull

  1. I believe that 3:5 contains sly wit. In the previous panel (3:4), the henchman Jack Flaze says “Er– it happened so quick–I–er–” as he hands the road bandit a file. In 3:5. the villain is replying “Lotsa things happen quickly!…” as he climbs out the window, having already filed through the bars!

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