Rio Or Riot

Fight 070 pg 25

In an era that had more than its share of badass female characters, Señorita Rio may well have ruled the roost. As an undercover agent for America, Rio didn’t wear a costume or possess any powers, but was able to topple governments with her near limitless courage, guts, intelligence and – dare I say it? – sense of style.

From Fight Comics #70 (Fiction House, September 1950), here’s a short tale of how Señorita Rio set a would-be dictator straight. The story and art are by the sadly anonymous denizens of the Iger Studio.

Fight 070 pg 26

Fight 070 pg 27

Fight 070 pg 28

Fight 070 pg 29

Fight 070 pg 30

Fight 070 pg 31

Fight 070 pg 32

Fight 070 pg 33


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