The Invincibles

Black_Terror_006_pg01 HA

The good folks over at Better/Nedor/Standard/Whatchamacallit knew that striking covers sold comics back in the halcyon days of newsstands and magazine racks.

That is why the majority of their publications featured eye-catching illustrations from one of the greatest cover artists of the day, Alex Schomburg.

Once hooked, however, readers usually found the contents a bit more slapdash than Schomburg’s covers promised. Although Standard Comics featured the early work of such talents as Richard E. Hughes and George Tuska, the stories themselves appeared to have been put together quickly and rarely rise above assembly-line quality.

(At least until the publisher started employing the likes of Alex Toth, Mort Meskin and Jerry Robinson later in its existence…)

There are always exceptions to the rule, however, and I often find myself surprised by the gems that can be found in early Better/Nedor/Standard comics. The following story – taken from the same issue as the Schomburg  cover reproduced at the top of this post – definitely delivers the goods, even if The Black Terror and Tim never mount a single flying torpedo to combat the Nazi menace.

From The Black Terror #6 (Standard, May 1944), here’s The Terror Twins’ titanic struggle against “The Invincibles.” The writer and artist are not credited.













2 thoughts on “The Invincibles

  1. When I was a kid, reading The Steranko History of Comics, I saw those Stromburg covers and found them just as you say. Years later, I got to see scans of some the stories, and found them just as you say.

    • Timely’s super-hero titles had much the same issue, once you got past the Burgos, Simon & Kirby & Bill Everett stuff the pickings were verrry slim. Solution: Alex Schomburg!

      I do genuinely like “The Invincibles” though. Like the idea of super-powered gang of Nazi thugs as super-villains.

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