I Am Superman


Charlton was known throughout its history for giving its artists carte blanche to offset their bargain basement rates, a policy that probably explains Steve Ditko’s decades-long loyalty to the company.

Back in the 1950s, when Ditko was honing his skills and testing the limits of his imagination, few other publishers would have allowed the artist to create such offbeat covers for a post-Comics Code science-fiction title like Out Of This World.

As is customary with comics books of any era, the inside contents didn’t always live up to the covers. However, the stories illustrated by Ditko always had something special to offer and the following tale is easily the equal of any science-fiction comic published by the fabled – and at the time, defunct – EC line.

From Out Of This World #3 (Charlton, March 1957), here’s “The Supermen” as illustrated by Steve Ditko.








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