The Masked Man

lone rider 26 pg 00LR

The Lone Ranger had his share of imitators during the heyday of Western-themed comic-books, although the owners of that particular crime-fighters’ copyright were a heck of a lot less litigious than Harry Donnenfeld.

Alongside the ranks of The Masked Raider, The Mystery Rider, The Masked Ranger and The Black Rider – to name but a few – Ajax-Farrell’s Lone Rider stands alone as my favorite Lone Ranger analogue because of his striking character design.

Although the Rider was sometimes accompanied by a young Indian boy – emulating Red Rider’s Little Beaver, rather than the more fabled Tonto – the character’s closest friend and most trusted companion was his preternaturally skilled horse, Lightnin’.

Laugh if you want, but as one character in the following tale states: “A man’s hoss is his best friend.” You didn’t think Wild West heroes liked to hang around icky girls, did you?

From The Lone Rider #26 (Ajax-Farrell, June-July 1955), here’s “You Can’t Bargain With Horse Traitors!”

The writer and artist are not credited.

lone rider 26 pg 01LR

lone rider 26 pg 02

lone rider 26 pg 03

lone rider 26 pg 04

lone rider 26 pg 05

lone rider 26 pg 06

lone rider 26 pg 07


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