Grand Old Flagman

Flagman wasn’t in the upper – or even second – tier of patriotic super-heroes during the characters’ WWII heyday. Heck, he didn’t even have a proper origin.

Major Hornet, a special investigator for the government who probably didn’t even need a masked identity to go smash Nazis, just launched into action with his teen sidekick Rusty back in Captain Aero Comics #1 with no other motivation than to destroy an invading horde of Axis robots.

(Although, as motivators go, hostile Nazi robots probably rank pretty high on the list.)

The Flagman’s first adventure was credited to Allen Ulmer and Ray Wilner, but a variety of creators worked on the feature during its 13-issue lifespan. The most notable were Charles Quinlan – a familiar name to fans of the Golden Age Cat-Man and Miss Victory – and a young Joe Kubert.

The following story, which first appeared in Captain Aero Comics #4 (Holyoke, April 1942), showcases a Kubert style that is still rough around the edges but possess a spark that lifts it beyond the typical comic-book journeyman of the time. (I particularly like the monstrous faces the artist created for the story’s assorted thugs.)

For your Fourth of July reading pleasure, here’s “Voyage Of Death.”










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