Heroine Of Horror

By the time Venus had reached its 19th and final issue, Bill Everett had dropped whatever remaining references existed of the title character’s godly heritage and powers. The one-time goddess of love even traded in her super-heroic “uniform” – a white flowing gown and stylish blue belt with a matching  wrap – for the more down-to-earth clothing of an attractive career woman.

Fortunately, Everett compensated for Venus’ seeming loss of stature by imbuing the character with more than enough guts and tough-gal sass to handle just about any situation. Good thing, too, because Venus’ comic was a Pre-Code horror title through and through by the time it reached the end of its road.

Everett populated his final Venus stories with the sort of supernatural menaces that usually mowed over female comic-book protagonists, but the goddess of love still found a way to defeat the overwhelming odds and emerge with her neck intact.

The following story, “The Box Of Doom!” was the final story of Venus’ final issue. She would disappear for two decades until Sub-Mariner #57 (Marvel, January, 1973) in a story written and drawn by Everett.

“The Box Of Doom!” originally appeared in Venus #19 (Atlas, April 1952). The story and art are by Bill Everett.








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