Lady Or The Tiger?

As comics’ first true jungle queen, Sheena became the first female character to headline her own title and inspired a wealth of imitators.

Fiction House, the company that published the original jungle girl’s adventures, decided it could rip-off its own character just as well as anyone and ended up with one of the Golden Age’s most memorable Sheena clones: Tiger Girl.

Debuting in Fight Comics #32 (Fiction House, June 1944) Tiger Girl differed from Sheena by palling around with tigers (natch), brandishing a whip and relying upon the advice of a faithful Sikh named Abdola. She also possessed a ring of strength that was apparently forgotten in later issues.

Featuring the art of such Iger standouts as Matt Baker and Jack Kamen, Tiger Girl proved popular enough to share front-cover status with Señorita Rio and eventually bump our favorite undercover spy off the top spot altogether.

Tiger Girl remained Fight Comics’ lead character until 1952, after which the jungle girl spent two more years as a back-up feature in Jungle Comics.

The following story originally appeared in Fight Comics #54 (Fiction House, February 1948). Readers should take note of the high body count Tiger Girl amasses in this particular adventure. As befits her name, she was one of the more violent jungle girls in a genre already full of kick-ass heroines.

“Flee The Cobra Fury” is credited to “Allan O’Hara,” but GCD and other sources identify the story’s true artist as the legendary Matt Baker, who either inked himself or was aided by the equally talented Kamen and Jay Disbrow.


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