A Town Called Malice

Although the Golden Age Ghost Rider delved deeply into the horror comics genre, his supernatural foes were usually no more than what would one day be termed “Scooby Doo Hoaxes.”

(The Rider himself simulated otherworldly powers through the clever use of illusions and a reliance upon his enemies’ superstitions. Unlike numerous Scooby Doo characters, however, his act was never debunked by a bunch of meddling kids …)

Fake or not, the Ghost Rider’s antagonists were frightening enough due to the skills of Dick Ayers, one of the many unsung heroes of the Golden Age.

Take, for example, “Hate Town U.S.A.” from The Ghost Rider #9 (Magazine Enterprises, Oct. 1952). If Scooby Doo ever dared to amp up its horror elements to this degree, well … let’s just say it would have been a lot more intense than those episodes that guest-starred Sonny and Cher.

The writer of the following story is uncredited, but the pencils and inks are by Dick Ayers.









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