Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

Youngsters love to prattle on about the “zombie apocalypse,” but true veterans of the geek wars know our eventual end will be brought about by the machines that have slowly penetrated every aspect of our lives.

Siri seems friendly enough now, but one day humanity will surely bow before her as our robot empress.

Nothing proves this point better than a good, old-fashioned science-fiction story from the Golden Age of Comics. So from Planet Comics #72 (Fiction House, Fall 1953), here’s “We Shall Rise Again.”

The art is credited to John Belcastro.

C’mon, you didn’t really think the robot was a good guy. That wouldn’t have been any fun.

“We Will Rise Again” appeared in the penultimate issue of Planet Comics, which ended in Winter, 1953 after approximately 15 years worth of space-opera thrills, strong-willed heroines and heaping helpings of good-girl art.

The artist of today’s story, John Belcastro, left the comics industry after Fiction House folded and enjoyed a long career in commercial art. That’s a happier ending than a good many creators found after the comics industry collapsed in the mid-50s.


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