Love Stinks

The “happily ever after” moment in today’s story doesn’t feel particularly earned, especially when you consider the degree of deceit and narcissism the protagonist displays up until the final panel. Perhaps she’s supposed to be seen as an anti-hero, like Walter White in Breaking Bad or Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries.

At any rate, the excellently titled “Wild Desires Made Me Love Blind” owes most of it’s success to some typically gorgeous art by Matt Baker.

The story was written by Dana Dutch and originally appeared in Teen-Age Romances #12 (St. John Publications, October 1950).

tar 012-003

tar 012-004

tar 012-005

tar 012-006

tar 012-007

tar 012-008

tar 012-009

tar 012-010

tar 012-011

Don is either very kind or very stupid.

“Wild Desire” also inspired Matt Baker’s cover image for the issue …

I have to admit that Kevin guy certainly surrounded himself with a group of attractive research scientists!


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