Bull And Bush

The Black Bull rides into action once again, courtesy of one of the greatest – and sadly, unheralded – art teams of the Golden Age: John Severin and Will Elder!

Both men, of course, are well-known for their contributions to various comic book and magazine publishers but little has been said about their collaborations on Crestwood’s Western title, the appropriately named “Prize Comics Western.”

It’s a shame these stories haven’t been collected. Severin and Elder’s styles work surprisingly well together, with neither truly overshadowing the other.

Well, perhaps Western comics will one day return to prominence and prompt a renaissance of high-quality reprint collections. In the meantime, here’s “One-Man Posse” by Severin and Elder.

The story originally appeared in Prize Comics Western #85 (Crestwood Publications, Jan. – Feb. 1951).

024 Prize Western 85  Page 22

025 Prize Western 85  Page 23

026 Prize Western 85  Page 24

027 Prize Western 85  Page 25

028 Prize Western 85  Page 26

029 Prize Western 85  Page 27

030 Prize Western 85  Page 28

031 Prize Western 85  Page 29


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